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SIMILE is a suite of performance assessment tools that allows in-depth assessments of student performance against a defined set of learning objectives. This insight helps identify student deficiencies and provide feedback to both students and instructors.

SIMILE includes a set of standards-based data models and protocols that can formally represent the complex interactions between events in a simulation and the associated learning objectives, task conditions, and standards for each series of lessons. These tools allow your team to map simulation content to the various learning objectives a game or simulation is trying to achieve.

The SIMILE Workbench application provides a drag & drop user interface to allow training developers to easily create “assessment models” that account for the different relationships between the student, other students, and the simulation. The Workbench provides the capability of creating or modifying assessment models without having to write code.

The SIMILE Assessment Engine listens to events defined within each assessment model, and uses them to track a learner’s progress toward completion of tasks and objectives. To create the assessment models for SIMILE, we combine the tasks in a hierarchal manner to form more complex tasks, which align to one or more learning objectives. SIMILE then uses this hierarchy to transpose tasks and learning objectives into “events” based on the operation or procedure and its associated performance criteria.

4700 Aires For Exhaust 48 Tomcat Nozzles Closed Tamiya 1 F14A The SIMILE Assessment Engine listens to these events, and uses them to track a student’s progress toward completion of defined tasks. When the actions are compared to the model, the system responds accordingly. The system records the student’s actions and outputs the recorded data which is used to evaluate and report progress to the instructors as well as a Learning Management System, After Action Review System, or Intelligent Tutoring System.

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Exhaust Tamiya 1 For Tomcat 4700 F14A Closed Aires Nozzles 48 7wfqfg
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