25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down - 25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down -

25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down -

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25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down
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25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down
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25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down
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25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down
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25 Age News Current Punjab India Legal Want 18 To Of Chandigarh Times Hoteliers Drinking From Down
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The Punjab hospitality industry has sought an amendment in the Punjab Intoxicants Licence and Sales Orders, 1956, to bring down the legal drinking agePunjab hoteliers want legal drinking age down to 18 from current 25 | Chandigarh News - Times of India