Figurine Guitar 7 Metal Decorative Rock Statue Player Accessory Musical wqCCO5

Figurine Guitar 7 Metal Decorative Rock Statue Player Accessory Musical wqCCO5
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What Does this Simile Mean?
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Select the choice that explains the meaning of the simile as it is used in the sentence.
Metal Musical Figurine Player Decorative Statue 7 Guitar Accessory Rock 1.  My mouth felt as dry as dust.

The simile dry as dust:
  My mouth was hurting.
  There was no moisture in my mouth.
  I somehow got dust into my mouth.
2.  The pile of garbage was as tall as a tree after the big party.

Player 7 Metal Musical Accessory Figurine Statue Guitar Rock Decorative
The simile as tall as a tree:
Accessory Metal Statue Musical Decorative Guitar Player Rock Figurine 7
  The pile of garbage was gone.
  The tree was in the garbage pile.
  The pile of garbage was big.
3.  My mom and dad's marriage is as solid as a rock.

The simile solid as a rock:
  Their marriage hasn't lasted very long.
  Their marriage is very strong.
  Their marriage is very rocky.
4.  In the spelling competition, Lauren was as stiff as a board.

The simile as stiff as a board:
  Lauren shuffled her feet.
  Lauren stood very still.
  Lauren moved around a lot.
5.  Without electricity, the children couldn't play video games or watch TV, so they were as restless as the sea.

The simile as restless as the sea:
  They were sleeping.
  They were happy.
  They were bored and fussy.
Figurine 7 Metal Rock Musical Accessory Statue Decorative Player Guitar 6.  The student's grades are as unstable as mercury.

The simile Statue Decorative Metal Player Musical Figurine 7 Guitar Accessory Rock unstable as mercury:
  The student's grades are usually the same.
  The student's grades are very high.
  The student's grades are sometimes up, sometimes down.
7.  The new baby rabbit is as delicate as a flower.

The simile delicate as a flower:
  The baby rabbit is lying on a flower.
  The baby rabbit is hungry.
  The baby rabbit can get hurt easily.
8.  The cat's fur is as black as ebony.

The simile black as ebony:
  The cat has very soft fur.
  The cat has deep black fur.
  The cat has long fur.
Metal Musical Figurine Guitar Rock 7 Accessory Player Decorative Statue
9.  The ring she claimed was diamond was actually as phony as a three-dollar bill.

The simile as phony as a three-dollar bill:
  The ring was real.
Statue Accessory 7 Guitar Metal Rock Player Decorative Figurine Musical
  The ring was a fake.
  The ring was worth a lot of money.
10.  The southern states were as poor as a church mouse during the Civil War.

The simile poor as a church mouse:
  The southern states raised mice.
  The southern states did not have much to each or much money.
  The southern states had a lot of churches.

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