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13 Pet Accessories LPS Lot Mixed Shop Assorted Littlest Pet Pcs UBqwXZ8x
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What Does this Simile Mean?
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Select the choice that explains the meaning of the simile as it is used in the sentence.
LPS Lot Pcs Pet Assorted Shop Littlest Mixed 13 Pet Accessories 1.  My mouth felt as dry as dust.

The simile dry as dust:
  My mouth was hurting.
  There was no moisture in my mouth.
  I somehow got dust into my mouth.
2.  The pile of garbage was as tall as a tree after the big party.

Littlest Pcs Assorted Shop Lot LPS 13 Pet Mixed Pet Accessories
The simile as tall as a tree:
Assorted Mixed Lot Pet Littlest Pet LPS 13 Shop Accessories Pcs
  The pile of garbage was gone.
  The tree was in the garbage pile.
  The pile of garbage was big.
3.  My mom and dad's marriage is as solid as a rock.

The simile solid as a rock:
  Their marriage hasn't lasted very long.
  Their marriage is very strong.
  Their marriage is very rocky.
4.  In the spelling competition, Lauren was as stiff as a board.

The simile as stiff as a board:
  Lauren shuffled her feet.
  Lauren stood very still.
  Lauren moved around a lot.
5.  Without electricity, the children couldn't play video games or watch TV, so they were as restless as the sea.

The simile as restless as the sea:
  They were sleeping.
  They were happy.
  They were bored and fussy.
LPS Shop Accessories Pet 13 Littlest Lot Assorted Pet Mixed Pcs 6.  The student's grades are as unstable as mercury.

The simile Pcs Littlest Pet Assorted Shop Mixed Lot LPS Accessories 13 Pet unstable as mercury:
  The student's grades are usually the same.
  The student's grades are very high.
  The student's grades are sometimes up, sometimes down.
7.  The new baby rabbit is as delicate as a flower.

The simile delicate as a flower:
  The baby rabbit is lying on a flower.
  The baby rabbit is hungry.
  The baby rabbit can get hurt easily.
8.  The cat's fur is as black as ebony.

The simile black as ebony:
  The cat has very soft fur.
  The cat has deep black fur.
  The cat has long fur.
Mixed LPS Assorted Pcs Pet Shop Lot 13 Pet Littlest Accessories
9.  The ring she claimed was diamond was actually as phony as a three-dollar bill.

The simile as phony as a three-dollar bill:
  The ring was real.
LPS Assorted Pet Lot Pcs Pet Littlest Accessories Shop Mixed 13
  The ring was a fake.
  The ring was worth a lot of money.
10.  The southern states were as poor as a church mouse during the Civil War.

The simile poor as a church mouse:
  The southern states raised mice.
  The southern states did not have much to each or much money.
  The southern states had a lot of churches.

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